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      Original Artwork... Limited & Special Edition Reproductions...
      • Paintings
      • Illustration & Design
      • Wood Carvings & Sculpture
      • Commissions
      • Cold Cast Bronze
      • Santa Claus Sculptures
      • Sporting Figurines
      • Limited-editions Prints
      • Promotional Products

    Wouldn't it be great, in this age of copy cat marketing and promotion, if there was actually an innovative way to increase your leads and sales while leaving the customer with an item of high perceived value that was affordable?

    Actually, there name is Dave Constantine and I can offer you an innovative approach that's win/win for everybody. I am an artist that specializes in corporate promotion. Whether it's a commissioned piece for your facility, personalized awards for your staff or give-a-way for your clients, you will be impressed with the high perceived value of original or limited edition artwork or sculpture. You will also be impressed with the affordability of my proven programs.

    It would be my pleasure to discuss the options, prices and time frames with you in detail at your convenience.

    "Constantine Wildlife Art provides Auto Glass Specialists with "real prestige" type promotions. The high quality artwork offered to our customers, commands the respect and admiration of all who see and participate in the promotions. Having a nationally renowned and accomplished artist working with us has been of great value. All the promotions, utilizing Dave's artwork, are our most successful marketing promotions ever. We continue to use Dave's prized artwork today, with continued excitement, opportunities, and success."

            Rod Bauer
            District Manager/Sales Operations
            Auto Glass Specialists, Inc.

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