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Unique promotional ideas!

    Extremely high perceived value coupled with reasonable production costs for reproductions allows you to maximize your fund raising efforts by selling Constantine Productions art.

    What do you think when you hear the words "Fund Raiser"? Usually it's anything but Fun and generally doesn't raise nearly the Funds that you would have hoped!

    My name is Dave Constantine and I have a product that's not only fun to sell, it will generate profits that are unparalleled by other products for sale by school kids...and it's creative and innovative! Fine Art. That's right...Fine Art. With limited or open edition prints or sculpture and a variety of subject matter suited to your taste, people are sure to be impressed with something that will last for years to come. Pizza's, candy, magazines all have short lives and generally low profit margins, but the artwork will provide happiness for generations.

    I think you will be amazed at the affordability and the profitability of my proven would be my pleasure to discuss the options, prices and time frames with you at your convenience.

    "Dave Constantine has been a great supporter of the National Wild Turkey Federation for over 10 years. During this time his creative talents, ideas and innovative works of art have played a key role in our fund raising programs. Dave's ability to capture the spirit of life in his work have been a source of inspiration and profit. He is greatly sought after and comes highly recommended for many national fund raising needs."

            Charles Burke
            Regional Director
            National Wild Turkey Federation

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