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Hands-On Education

    From teaching painting classes to hands-on wood carving workshops to seminars, let Dave's years of experience bring enjoyment, excitement and learning to your next group gathering, making it both fun and memorable.

    Have you ever been to a seminar where you could barely stay awake after the luncheon because the speakers weren't very interesting? Most of us have been there
    ...1:30 in the afternoon, a marginal lunch, coffeee and soda have been gone for hours and the speaker is doing nothing to keep you awake!!!

    There is a solution! Hands on workshops with a seminar leader that commands attention. Bring in a motivational speaker that will send the registrants home with something they'll remember. Bring in someone like, well...myself...Dave Constantine. Nationally recognized for my award winning artwork, I specialize in several medias such as illustration, painting, and sculpture and carving. Participants will leave my seminars not only re-energized, but also with a project that they've personally created.

    Presentations can be catered specifically to your group. Lecture, or my populars hands on sessions where you don't need to be an accomplished artist to create something you can be proud of...even if it ends up looking like a creative paperweight!

    If you'd like to discuss the options and affordable possibilities of my proven programs, contact me at your convenience.

    "Dave has been teaching workshops and seminars in the midwest and here at Beaver Creek for over ten years. It amazes me how his innovative teaching techniques and easy-going style can break down the most difficult task, so that even beginning carvers and painters can quickly master complicated skills. His personal, hands-on approach allows him to help all levels of artists create works of art they can be proud of."

            Rick Koziel
            Beaver Creek Reserve

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