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Custom Grunt Calls

Specializing in hand-carved, original, custom wild game calls. Most are investment grade calls, for the descriminating collector.

"Timber Warden"
Field grade, handmade custom hardwood grunt call with grunt tube

A few years back, Dave developed a custom grunt call that was the envy of many local deer hunters. After many requests, Dave has decided to share this master call with fellow deer hunters. Introducing the "Timber Warden" custom grunt calls.
$65.00 (includes buckskin lanyard)

Dave can create a variety of styles and designs,
each custom made for you.

The calls shown on these pages are examples of custom calls that Dave has made. To order your own, unique custom call, contact Dave for more information.

All calls are available by custom order.
(Lead time approximately 3-6 months)

Note: Many of Dave's hand-carved calls have won National Awards.

Contact Dave